Hyperthem was established back in 1968 by Dick Couch and Bob Dean and what onced started inside a shed soon became one of the most advanced manufacturer of plasma cutting technology in the world. In fact, they were the very first people to have introduced the water injection method in plasma cutters. Dick and Bob found out that by injecting water into the nozzle, they were able to manufacture a more narrow plasma arc, which was capable of cutting metal at high speed and accurancy, something that has never been seen before.

Being the first in the industry, Hypertherm didn’t take anything for granted and continued to focus on researching and developing new techniques and ideas that will make their products a success. Hence, the very first Hypertherm plasma cutter, PAC400 was invented! The PAC400 was a tremedous success the very moment it came onto the market and completely changed the way people view about metal cutting in their industry.

This provided the company with global recognition and allowed Hyperthem to expand into a new dimension. Something that Dick nor Bob ever thought possible. Throughout the next 40 years, the company continued to grow at a rapid pace through it’s vision….allowing it to stand it’s ground as one of the leaders of advanced plasma cutting equipment in the world. In this review, we will take a look at their models and hopefully help you decide whether Hypertherm is the solution for you.

Hypertherm Powermax 1650 Hypertherm

Hypertherm Powermax 1650

This is another incredible invention by Hypertherm completely dominating the different aspects of metal cutting and gouging. That’s because the Powermax 1650 plasma cutter is build with performance in mind and while this latest addition comes with everything from the previous G3 Series models, it offers a whole Continue Reading

Hypertherm Powermax 1250 Hypertherm

Hypertherm PowerMax 1250

This is another amazing addition to the Powermax G3 series which comes with everything from the previous powermax 1000 plasma cutting system, except more power and accuracy. The only major difference between these plasma cutters would be the torch used as this version uses the T80 safety trigger Continue Reading

Hypertherm Powermax 1000 Hypertherm

Hypertherm Powermax 1000

The Hypertherm Powermax 1000 is one of the latest addition to the powermax G3 series and is highly praised because of it’s superior cutting speed and capacity. This plasma cutter model comes with a new boost conditioner which compensates the circuit due to input voltage variations. If you’re Continue Reading

Hypertherm PowerMax 45 Hypertherm

Hypertherm PowerMax 45

This powerful metal plasma cutter from Hypertherm uses the T45V torch and comes with additional consumables for plasma gouging. It’s jammed packed with amazing power in such a tiny package with the machine itself weighing just a little over 37 pounds. Some of the new features from the Continue Reading

Hypertherm Powermax 30 Hypertherm

Hypertherm Powermax 30

The Powermax 30 plasma metal cutter is one of the very first handheld plasma cutting system by Hypertherm and comes with 2 different versions, the standard and deluxe model. One of the success stories behind this particular version is that it’s extremely portable weighing at only 20 pounds, Continue Reading