Are you looking for a plasma cutter that will not only cut metal with ease, but is also very fast, portable and user-friendly?

If yes, then you are definitely on the right page!

Our consumer guide has been designed to help you find and locate the plasma cutting machine you need for your business and personal use. That’s right! Metal cutting is no longer something for the steel, fabrication and manufacturing industry, many people consider it as a hobby to be able to cut metals at the comfort of their own home, inside their very own workshop or garage.

Throughout the last decade, this powerful electronic device have transformed from a huge heavy equipment into a compact, portable and mobile unit that people can take along to any location of their choice. This have dramatically increased the popularity of it’s usage and manufacturers such as Esab and Hypertherm continued it’s research and development making today’s production very user-friendly.

What You Will Find On Our Guide?

Whether you are looking for high quality or just cheap plasma cutters to do some simple jobs, we have information, tips and our exclusive plasma cutter reviews set up to take you through the entire process through a selection of top rated brands! Yes, we will be taking you from choosing a suitable machine to helping you find shops and stores where you can get the metal cutter for cheap and discounted price.

Let’s face it, one of the hardest thing when it comes to shopping for technology is that there are just too many brand names, models and versions to choose from, especially in today’s advanced market!

Operator performing plasma cutting

That’s why shopping for a suitable model can become a really painful experience for many individuals such as contractors, tradesman and more. We understand and have done the hard work with our reviews which you should find extremely useful, as we go through some of the most popular handheld (manual) and mechanized plasma cutter models on the market. These includes top brand names such as Miller, Lincoln, Esab, Hypertherm and more. Furthermore, we will also look at a variety of robotic CNC plasma cutting systems and show you what the plasma torch can do while in robotic control.

What is this plasma torch and what does it contain anyway?

It is nothing but compressed air or gas which gushes out at great speed through the nostril. There exists a negatively charged electrode in the middle and which in the process produces an electric arc. Given this velocity, the gas gets converted into a flame in what has been termed as a “Plasma”.

This plasma otherwise known as the “4th State Of Matter” where the heat generated is at such a high level or temperature, around 30,000 F that the electrons break free from the neutrons. The plasma jet then moves at a great speed at around 20,000 feet per second and ionizes with air to become so powerful and hot that it develops electrical conductivity which, when comes in contact to the surface of the metal, will successfully cut through it.

What Our Consumer Guide Has Also Been Designed To Achieve?

To help you get a better understanding about plasma cutter, how it works and of course, a little background history wouldn’t hurt. Seriously, it is surprising how many consumer know how to use an electronic equipment, but has no idea about it’s origin or how the device actually works inside. So hopefully this will be something you will find interesting as you continue your shopping spree for a low price bargain.

In case you need some good information, we also offer many helpful tips and operation techniques on a variety of topics. E.g You should know that a plasma cutter will offer a lot more than just cutting sheets of metal. It can also cut through other materials like aluminium, copper, stainless steel, bronze, silver, gold etc.

So…People! Forget about electric tools that’s promised to cut the hard cold stuff with ease, it’s time to use plasma! However, before you head off and test out your new cutter, we highly suggest you to read our Safety Tips to avoid putting yourself and others in danger. Don’t take our words lightly too because if you think about the power which plasma cutting machines can generate (it cuts through metal, doesn’t it?), what could happen to you or someone else because of your negligence?

That’s right!

So please do the right thing and enjoy cutting your iron cage, wall art, whatever!