Lincoln Electric is one of the world leaders of manufacturing arc welding, robotic welding, plasma and oxyfuel cutting technology and equipment. It was established back in 1895 by John C Lincoln who started with a capital of $200.00. The company was later supported by John’s younger brother, James who worked as a salesman for the company during 1900-1919 and have since expanded to over 19 countries with close to 40 manufacturing locations. The company is highly regarded as the welding expert in the industry and are able to develop further technologies through the support of the David C Lincoln Technology center.

This center have some of the most advanced equipment and facilities in the world and this allowed Lincoln Electric to stand it’s ground in the global market. Up to this date, they are still one of the best global manufacturer of welding, cutting and joining equipments and one of the market they adapted to is plasma cutter, which is what we’re going to look at in the reviews. We will go through each of the Lincoln plasma cutting machines and provide information that should help you decide, as to which version, model or cutters are best suitable for you.

Tomahawk 375 Air Lincoln

Lincoln Tomahawk 375 Air

Looking to cut light metal material without an external air compressor? Then you definitely need to check out this Lincoln hand held plasma cutter because it has a built-in internal air compressor that will allow you to cut up to 1/4 inch without much issues. One of the Continue Reading

Lincoln Pro Cut 80 Lincoln

Lincoln Pro Cut 80

The Lincoln Pro Cut 80 plasma cutter is designed with maximum cutting capacity and while the machine itself weighs 96 pounds, it comes with full 85A of cutting power allowing it to reach a cut thickness of up to 1.25 inch, which is equivalent to 32mm. With all Continue Reading

Lincoln Pro Cut 55 Lincoln

Lincoln Pro Cut 55

This Pro Cut 55 unit is the very first plasma cutter available that can cut up to 3/4 inch and is an ideal choice for industrial metal cutting. It uses the patented PCT 80 torch which provides excellent cut speed and performance. It is an advanced version from Continue Reading

Lincoln Pro Cut 25 Lincoln

Lincoln Pro Cut 25

The Lincoln Pro-Cut 25 is a highly versatile and portable plasma cutter of it’s kind weighing at just 29.5 pounds. It uses the patent pending PCT 20 hand torch (15ft) and Vortech Technology, which is regarded to have the longest consumable life in the industry, and is proven Continue Reading