ESAB was founded by Oscar Kjellberg in 1904 as one of the innovative company that focuses on welding electrode. Throughout the next 100 years, they have established themselves as one of the global leaders of welding and cutting technology. As a major player in the international market, Esab have been contributing to the industry by continuous research and development which allowed them to manufacture quality products on a global scale. One of the key inventions of the Esab range would be the plasma cutters as you can see from the below reviews.

Their research team spend hours and hours to generate some of the most successful fine-bean plasma and water injection methods that no other companies can match. That’s why it’s not so hard to see why thay are able to attract some of the biggest clients in transports, on and off road vehicles, offshore shop building, construction companies, power system and more. With offices over five main regions including Europe, North America, South America, Asia Pacific and India. Esab has been able to deliver through it’s hugh global network of distributors. This is also one of the reason why their plasma arc welding and cutting equipments are so well known.

Esab Powercut 1600 Esab

ESAB PowerCut 1600

This is an advanced upgraded version of the previous PowerCut 1300 model and this plasma cutter comes with all the features including the digital reading display, input voltage selector, silicone sealed switches and much more. It uses the patented PT-32 plasma cutting torch and even PT-37 mechanized torch Continue Reading

Esab Powercut 1300 Esab

ESAB PowerCut 1300

While this plasma cutter model comes with everything that pervious PowerCut versions offer, it delivers much more than simply higher cut or cutting capacity. One of the standout feature of the PowerCut 1300 plasma cutter is the input voltage selector switch, which is located at the back of Continue Reading

Esab Powercut 900 Esab

ESAB PowerCut 900

Another big step towards superior technology was exactly what ESAB have achieved the moment they developed the PowerCut 900. This plasma cutting machine is packed with exciting new features which have not been seen in previous models. It’s rugged external housing design is extremely durable making it damage, Continue Reading

Esab Powercut 650 Esab

ESAB PowerCut 650

A change of name? Well…you’re absolutely right and there is every reason why ESAB have named this beast the POWERCUT! Yes! It is very powerful! Now…this new plasma cutter version comes with everything that previous handyplasma models have, except 3 things. 1) More Comfort (with it’s trigger lock-in Continue Reading

Esab Handyplasma 550 Esab

ESAB HandyPlasma 550

For an even better cutting performance, sharpness and portability, you simply can’t look away from the HandyPlasma 550 plasma cutter. This advanced model comes with additional nozzles, the patented XT nozzle which provides extended shape and better visibility. Along with all the features that comes with the previous Continue Reading

Esab Handyplasma 380 Esab

ESAB HandyPlasma 380

This package comes fully assembled straight out of the box and is ready to deliver amazing cutting power for a small budget. The Plasma Cutting Machine itself comes with everything that previous models have, and of course, new features with one being the additional variable output design, that Continue Reading

Esab Handyplasma 250 Esab

ESAB HandyPlasma 250

This is a superb upgrade of the previous version, the Handy Plasma 125 model and it comes with bigger cutting power and weights just a little over 7kg. That’s right, that is almost 1/4 of what it used to weight and comes with many great new features including Continue Reading

Esab Handyplasma 125 Esab

ESAB HandyPlasma 125

This portable cutting system from Esab is the very first model of their range or packages. It’s equipped with the patented PT-34 torch which comes with double ended electrode for minimal operating cost. It’s suitable to plug into any standard 115V outlet and comes with a built-in power Continue Reading