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How To Build Your Own DIY Plasma Cutter NOT?

This question has been asked often on many welding sites, industrial and DIY forums. The truth is...if you have no experience or qualifications to work with electronics and electrical parts, you shouldn't even be asking this question...let along building a plasma cutter from scratch.

Let's face it, when you're working with electrical equipments, devices, parts or even accessories, there is always a risk that you or someone around you can get hurt. This is simply not an area that people should attempt unless they are licensed electricians or someone that is qualified to work with electricity, voltage, current or anything similar....including the very powerful plasma jet.

So, how to build your own plasma cutter?

The truth is...we've done alot of research on this particular topic and to our surprise (or not so), none of these so called DIY sites or forums are able to provide a clear enough instructions, guidelines or tutorials to allows it's readers and viewers to properly follow. Surely, they will tell you to buy this and that...connect this piece with the other, weld it together and so on. However, none of these websites are able to provide a clear outline of the different variations that involves working with certain components and the dangers that's involved, especially if they're touching or connected to a wrong area....VERY DANGEROUS!!!

What about those tutorial videos from YouTube?

Yes, there are many videos on youtube that provides so called tutorials on how to build certain things and some of them can be really nice and easy to follow (For example, how to build your own sofa, cabinet, coffee table garden shed etc), but you have to remember that most of these DIY videos are based on items that are not dangerous to interact with. Even if there was a video that shows you exactly what to do, there is always a chance the creator (or director) of the video have left important things out including warnings when working with certain materials. Remember! You are playing with electricity and possibly fire....here!!!

Is it really worth your time building from scratch?

Before we tell you a million reasons why you shouldn't build a DIY plasma cutter by yourself, why don't we take some time and consider if it's really worth your time, money and effort building one from scratch. Let's face it, the inner components of a plasma cutting machine is very complicated and there are many bits and pieces which you must purchase from your local hardware store in order to even start. The truth is....buying all these wires, parts, components, required pieces and accessories can be very time consuming, and not so cost effective. This is especially true if you have no idea what you're purchasing because chances are you will be spending a day with the salesman and he will not be of much help because what you're asking will indeed be too technical for them to handle or recommend.

Yes! We DO NOT RECOMMEND DIY Plasma Cutters!

Our conclusion is...yes, we do not recommend people to build their own plasma cutter because it simply isn't worth your time, especially with the risks involved when playing with electricity. Seriously, a slight error, miscalculation or even a misunderstanding from the instructions you're following can have heavy...if not deadly consequences! Think about it, you're really playing with fire here and if you're not careful...you can burn your garage, business, workshop or even your own house down. Not to mention putting yourself and your love ones in serious danger.

So....why put yourself in such situation when you can easily purchase one from a reliable retailer for a couple of hundred bucks?

Yes! Unless you're using it for heavy industrial metal cutting, chances are you won't need a plasma cutter that is too expensive. For a few hundred dollars, you can purchase one that is built by a reliable manufacturer with proper information, instructions, menu and guidelines, and usually comes with several years warranty too. These should be enough for most applications.

To find out which one suits your needs, simply check out our plasma cutter reviews for more information!

Remember! Your life, time and wellbeing is definitely worth more than a few hundred bucks, so please don't play with fire!

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