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Lincoln Pro-Cut 55

This Pro Cut 55 unit is the very first plasma cutter available that can cut up to 3/4 inch and is an ideal choice for industrial metal cutting. It uses the patented PCT 80 torch which provides excellent cut speed and performance.

It is an advanced version from the previous model and comes with additional features such as the Dual Winding Technology. This addition allows for faster arc transfer and improves cutting quality around the important edges.

Lincoln Pro-Cut 55

A Quick Disconnect torch function is in place for fast and simple torch removal and this is very similar to the Patented Ultra-Quick Connect system that can be found in the Miller Spectrum 875 model. This technology makes changing torches relatively easy!

Since the plasma metal cutting system or machine itself weights around 55 pounds, Lincoln Electric has added a Valet Style undercarriage which makes it easy for the user to drag around different shops or premises. With the rest of the basic features such as the built-in air filter and pressure regulator, the Pro Cut-55 is really build for power, precision and reliability.

Input: 203V or 230V

Rated Output: 55 amps @ 55% duty cycle (108 volts)

Weight: 55 lb or 25kg

Cut Capacity: 3/4 inch or 19mm (Mild Steel)

Product Code: K1580-1

Price: $2452-$2750

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